Newspapers provide much of the current awareness circulated by law librarians and legal information professionals.

Many firms, institutions, and companies hold a running subscription with a local newsagent or provider to deliver and supply newspapers.

Certain newspapers are also available via the legal databases.

Newspaper collections[edit]

British Library[edit]

The British Library has a significant newspaper collection, previously held at Colindale until November 2013.

Digitised newspapers can be viewed online via the British Newspaper Archive, a site developed in partnership with Findmypast. Searching is free, but to view the newspapers requires a personal subscription. The BNA can be viewed for free in the British Library Reading Rooms.

The British Library Newsroom is a specific reading room at the British Library's St. Pancras site. The Newsroom is on the second floor at St Pancras and is the main enquiry point for all of the library's newspaper collections.

Historic newspaper collections[edit]

In addition to the British Newspaper Archive, there are other services which provide access to historic newspaper collections.

Local libraries[edit]

Local libraries are likely to have a hard copy archive of local newspapers, or in microfiche.

Gale Historical Newspapers[edit]

Gale Historical Newspapers is a paid service which provides access to "cross-searchable and cross-browseable portfolio of global historical newspapers and periodicals".

Signature Online[edit]

Signature Online operates two services that offer copies of historical newspapers:

Historic Newspapers is a private archive collection of newspapers, offering copies for various prices.

Back Issue Newspapers is another service providing copies of previous issues of newspapers up to three months or as per their archive collection.

Google News[edit]

Google News is also another service that allows you to search using Google Tools to narrow down the time frame or source.

List of newspapers accessible online[edit]

A majority of newspapers are available and accessible via LexisLibrary. Much of the information below, including coverage, is taken from the Single Source Information noted by each source (this opens a popup window which provides further information regarding the publication).
Available on LexisLibrary
Coverage from March 22, 2006 to present

The Times
Available on LexisLibrary
Coverage from July 01, 1985 to present
Available on LexisLibrary
Coverage from December 23, 2010 to present
Note: This appears in the list of Sources under T, but does not appear after The Times (which ignores 'The' and lists it as Times) - it is listed according to 'the' as it appears in the URL. This features articles featured online and usually not in the print edition (though this is uncommon).