Origins of LawLibWiki

This wiki was created by Julia Bhojoo in March 2019, partly as a personal project, but to also help other legal and information professionals in sharing tips, knowledge, and knowhow.

Julia's edits to the pages, BAILII and Cases - free sources, on the BIALL Wiki were featured in the January 2018 BIALL newsletter.

Acknowledgements & Thanks

Credit is due to the BIALL Wiki and James Kessler's TFD Online Wiki for serving as an inspiration to this project.

My thanks also to family and friends for giving me the confidence to put a long-held idea into action.

Design & Programming

The wiki uses Timeless as its default look and is written in wiki markup. Changes to the website are done via PHP and CSS.

The previous skin used was Pivot.

Artwork & Image Credits

The LawLibWiki logo was commissioned from talented artist Eventide Designs. She has also made banners for the wiki to showcase other organisations, such as the International Law Book Facility.



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'A labour of love: How to build a wiki from scratch', on Vable blog

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