Document Supply

Many libraries in the U.K offer document supply services - some libraries are restricted to members or subscription only services. Many libraries are part of an Inter-Library Loan or British Library Loan system. Please see the individual libraries below before making a request.

General Libraries[edit]

British Library[edit]

The British Library has an On Demand service to request items from their collection. You will need an BL account in order to make requests.

Law Libraries[edit]

Bodleian Law Library[edit]

The Bodleian Law Library offers a Document Delivery photocopy service for law firms and other individuals who are not part of the Inter-Library Loan or British Library systems.

Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS)[edit]

IALS has several document delivery services. There is a subscription model for legal professionals in order to use and request documents from IALS.

Law Society Library[edit]

The Law Society offers a document supply service, called LawDocs. This is a pay-as-you-go service that offers two delivery options (Standard and Premium). Costs under each delivery service affect the costs for the material being requested or ordered via LawDocs.

University Libraries[edit]

City University[edit]

City has two law libraries in London: Gray's Inn Place and Northampton Square.


Sweet & Maxwell[edit]

Thomson Reuters, as Sweet & Maxwell, offers a document supply service, DocDel. This service is for TR customers who hold either a CLA Law Licence or Multinational Law Licence.