Document Supply

Many libraries in the U.K offer document supply services - some libraries are restricted to members or subscription only services. Many libraries are part of an Inter-Library Loan or British Library Loan system. Please see the individual libraries below before making a request.

General Libraries

British Library

The British Library has an On Demand service to request items from their collection. You will need an BL account in order to make requests.

Law Libraries

Bodleian Law Library

The Bodleian Law Library offers a Document Delivery photocopy service for law firms and other individuals who are not part of the Inter-Library Loan or British Library systems.

Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS)

IALS has several document delivery services. There is a subscription model for legal professionals in order to use and request documents from IALS.

Law Society Library

The Law Society offers a document supply service, called LawDocs. This is a pay-as-you-go service that offers two delivery options (Standard and Premium). Costs under each delivery service affect the costs for the material being requested or ordered via LawDocs.

University Libraries

City University

City has two law libraries in London: Gray's Inn Place and Northampton Square.


Sweet & Maxwell

Thomson Reuters, as Sweet & Maxwell, offers a document supply service, DocDel. This service is for TR customers who hold either a CLA Law Licence or Multinational Law Licence.